EMRP-Projecten - Gezondheid

VSL neemt deel aan de volgende projecten binnen het speerpunt Gezondheid (informatie in het Engels):

Microvesicles - contactpersoon Arthur van de Nes 
Develop reliable, comparable and quantitative analysis of the extremely small size (average diameter less than 100 nm) microvesicals in biological fluids to enable early diagnosis of diseases, which improves the efficacy of medical treatment and thus reduces health care costs.

Drug Delivery - projectleider Peter Lucas
Realising the required metrological infrastructure and an assessment of existing drug delivery devices to make drug delivery more reliable and robust, especially for multi-pump infusion and applications involving very low flow rates, lower than 25 ul/min.

Complex radiation fields - projectleider Jacco de Pooter
Standardization of the use of absorbed dose to water and its dissemination for all radiations studied within the frame of the project, which enables traceable use of complex forms of radiotherapy in the treatment of cancer, in which dose is delivered in ways that are far removed from established reference dosimetry.

MRI - projectleider Leon de Prez
Development of metrics for the assessment of the associated risks with MRI and definition of scan parameters or limiting values for the safe use of MRI.

Molecular radiotherapy - projectleider Jacco de Pooter
Development of the background metrology to support routine individual MRT (modality of molecular radiotherapy) patient dosimetry, and together with a programme of dissemination work with the clinical community to achieve widespread implementation.

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