Measurements in healthcare

Metrology plays an important role in healthcare and thus in our wellbeing. Making good diagnoses and providing treatment are highly dependent on the reliability of measurement methods and reference materials.


The importance of metrology in healthcare

Innovation in healthcare is no longer possible without metrology. The healthcare industry uses a great deal of measuring equipment to prevent, diagnose and treat diseases. Healthcare professionals must be able to rely on the accuracy and reliability of their measuring instruments, whether they use them to find nanoparticles in the blood, measure glucose levels or determine guidelines for tests such as blood pressure, temperature or X-rays. Testing, calibrating and maintaining this equipment ensures that it provides reliable measurements. It is also important for them to be traceable, so that the readings from equipment used in a Dutch hospital are the same as those used abroad.

The capabilities of metrology are growing and are shaping the healthcare industry more and more. Suppliers of medical devices are also becoming increasingly aware of the importance of having their products measured earlier, more often and more competently than was previously the case. Metrology is also important for the development and validation of new medical technologies and medicines.

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Erik van de Graaf
Commercial Director

Measurement challenges in the healthcare sector

If there is one sector where reliability is particularly important, it is healthcare. An incorrectly set device that gives wayward readings can easily result in a misdiagnosis. More and more medical equipment is being digitised using new technologies. For example, AI and machine reading are being used increasingly frequently to reach medical decisions or to determine the effectiveness of treatments.

All such innovations present challenges as well as new opportunities. New measurement techniques require new measurement methods and standards. Further research and the use of metrological technologies in healthcare are essential for improving the quality of healthcare.

Measurement in practice

The healthcare system in the Netherlands is innovative and of high quality. Read more about current developments:

How VSL can help

VSL ceaselessly works to develop new measurement techniques and standards. Being able to rely on measurement results and equipment is critical in medical treatments such as radiotherapy. But accuracy is also vital in other areas as well, such as measuring body fluids or the presence of substances such as PFAS or nitrogen in the environment, which impact health. VSL carries out a great deal of research, testing and calibrations and has reference materials. We provide input that is of intrinsic value to healthcare specialists.