Whether it's high-quality service and reliable products, are carried out measurements shall at any time or be developed metrology infrastructure. Do you have the right expertise in house, or do you need the opinion of an expert, independent party? VSL is supplying customized.
Every day, keep the VSL specialists within their particular field working metrology. They are at your service to include:

  • advice on traceability and accurate measurement
  • specials (non-standard calibrations)
  • development of measurement systems and solutions
  • validation of measurement methods and preparation of measurement procedures
  • calculation of uncertainty budgets
  • analysis of measurement data
  • assistance in establishing and accrediting quality
  • customized training

Expertise and application
experts VSL be able within the broad context of a request to contribute to concrete solutions. Thanks to participation in many (international) working groups, projects and standardization committees [link to quality], they are aware of the latest developments in their field. VSL is in no way associated with suppliers of instruments and delivers independent and reliable advice.

VSL helps you get your challenges in measuring area bright and translate them into metrology solutions. Also, governments regularly ask advice from our experts in drawing up policies based on reliable and independent information, or to achieve new standards for emerging issues where clarity and continuity are required.