Custom metrology solutions

Are you making measurements or developing measurement infrastructure, but you don’t have the right expertise? Or do you need the opinion of an independent expert? VSL is your go-to service provider.

Our services

Our custom services

VSL’s metrology experts are happy to provide the following and other services:

  • Advice on traceability and accurate measurement
  • Specials (non-standard calibrations)
  • Development of measurement systems and solutions
  • Validation of measurement methods and drafting of measurement procedures
  • Calculating uncertainty budgets
  • Analysis of measurement data
  • Assistance in setting up and accrediting quality systems
  • Custom training

Would you like to know more about our services?

Our experts are happy to help.

Erik van de Graaf
Commercial Director

Specific solutions to metrology challenges

VSL’s experts help clarify metrology challenges and provide measurement solutions to customer requests. Participating in many national and international working groups, projects and standardisation committees, they are abreast of the latest developments in their respective fields. VSL provides independent and reliable advice and has no links at all to suppliers of measurement equipment suppliers.

Public authorities also regularly seek advice from VSL, for example when they draft policy and need reliable, independent information. Or in setting new standards for matters requiring uniformity and continuity.

Our areas of expertise