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VSL, the National Metrology Institute

VSL manages and develops national primary measurement standards on the instructions of the Minister of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy. Our experts also provide knowledge and services worldwide, such as calibrating measuring equipment they conduct market-oriented scientific research.

Our mission

VSL makes measurement results from companies, laboratories and institutions directly traceable to international standards. On behalf of the Dutch government, we manage and develop the national measurement standards and make an important contribution to the reliability, quality and innovation of products and processes in business and society.


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Our events

View the current list of upcoming VSL events here

Date Event Location
March 6, 2023 Training Introduction temperature and temperature measurement Delft, The Netherlands
March 7-10, 2023 CIM 2023 Lyon, France
March 13-15, 2023 Training Uncertainty measurement Delft, The Netherlands
March 28-30, 2023 European Flow Measurement Workshop 2023 Rotterdam & Delft, The Netherlands
April 3-6, 2023 Training DCLF Delft, The Netherlands
April 10-11, 2023 Training General pressure measurement Delft, The Netherlands
May 8-12, 2023 Training Gas Flow Metrology Delft, The Netherlands
May 9-12, 2023 Control 2023 Stuttgart, Germany
May 15, 2023 Training General metrology Delft, The Netherlands
May ,2023 Training ISO 10012 Delft, The Netherlands
June 20-21, 2023 Training Practical dosimetry for Radiotherapy (Teletherapy and/or Brachytherapy) Delft, The Netherlands
June, 2023 Training CMM Delft, The Netherlands