VSL provides calibration services with minimal measurement uncertainties and traceability to primary standards.

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The importance of calibration
Accuracy as well as traceability of measurement is essential for the quality of products and research, which often hinges on the quality of measurement results.

Accurate measurement in production processes usually has a direct impact on rejection rates and safety. Where measurement results are linked to payments, such as in the case of CO2 emissions or oil transport, the party making payment is keen not to overpay, while the receiving party wants to avoid being shortchanged. They therefore have to be able to rely on the results.

Dutch and international measurement standards

By having equipment calibrated at VSL, you are directly or indirectly comparing measurement equipment to national primary standards. This minimises measurement uncertainty and helps trace the measurement to those standards. VSL is also closely involved in the international metrology infrastructure. Our certificates are widely recognised through the CIPM Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA).

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Michael van Schaik
Senior Account Manager

Timely calibration of measurement equipment

To compare a measurement with another one or one made last year, it must be traceable. This requires timely and correct calibration of measurement equipment. We help determine the period for recalibration and ensure it is done on time. Careful planning limits the loss of precious time.

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