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Metrology and data science are closely intertwined. VSL supports your business by extracting valuable insights from your data.

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Our services for Data Science & Modeling Services

VSL is an expert in the field of Data Science & Modelling (DSM). Based on this expertise, VSL offers its customers support and advice in developing and validating AI solutions, algorithms, and measurement systems. We have extensive experience in calculating measurement uncertainties, simulations, and analysing large amounts of measurement data with various statistical methods.

Moreover, we regularly provide feedback and insights for reports, statements, or other measurement results. With VSL’s validation reports, software developers and manufacturers can demonstrate their products have been independently validated and are suitable for ISO/IEC 17025 accredited measurement laboratories.

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Michael van Schaik
Senior Account Manager

Data Science

In DSM, Data Science refers to the analysis of data to discover correlations and patterns. The services provided by VSL in this context include:

  1. 3. Statistical analysis of measurement data and assessing measurement uncertainty – optionally in collaboration with other groups within VSL that perform said measurements.
  2. 4. Statistical analysis of proficiency tests and key comparisons in collaboration with other groups within VSL that organise these tests and comparisons.

Model Development

In the context of DSM, Modelling refers to the mathematical modelling of measurements and the development of simulations to obtain better digital representations of devices, as well as calculating measurement uncertainties faster and more accurately. We provide support in:

  1. Mathematical modelling of measurements and assessing measurement uncertainty in collaboration with our customers, combined with the required software development .
  2. The development of AI and machine learning models.

Review and Validation

Do you know if the correct formulas are used in your software? And can you rely on the predictions of a machine learning model? By reviewing and validating software and models, VSL offers confidence in the data that organisations use on a daily basis. We provide this confidence through:

  1. Validation of metrological calculation software.
  2. Review of customer reports regarding statistical data analysis of measurement data and evaluation of uncertainty budgets.
  3. Review and validation of AI and ML models.

Consultancy Services

VSL offers consultancy services for a variety of challenges, such as determining the recalibration intervals for the analysis of measurement data and uncertainty calculations. Contact us for more information.

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