Electrical metrology

The energy sector is in rapid flux. The demand for electricity continues to grow and Its supply is increasingly from renewable sources. This requires new methods of measurement, which in turn require relevant expertise.



The world faces the gargantuan task of moving from fossil fuels to fully renewable sources. With the rise of solar and wind power, 75% of electricity will be drawn from renewable sources by 2030. These developments are rapidly changing the energy landscape, and new solutions are needed for monitoring the new network.

Take, for example, the challenges of real-time measurements, which have to be taken simultaneously over long distances to ensure proper analysis. Rapid changes are also creating new challenges in metrology. Voltage quality is becoming increasingly important, but measuring high DC voltage and billing for generation and consumption in smart grids are also areas that require new applications.

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Michel Brakel
Sales Engineer

VSL and electricity

VSL supports the energy transition by contributing to research in international alliances and providing advice and consultancy on the development of new measurement methods. We have a great deal of experience with metrology in electricity, providing services to measurement equipment manufacturers, energy companies, universities and accredited calibration laboratories.


We support and advise manufacturers and end users with regard to questions, enabling them to improve measurement and inspection methods to optimise the quality of their processes and products.


Custom electrical metrology

In the energy sector, accurate and traceable measurements are important to ensure the stability and quality of energy networks. With our in-depth knowledge of electrical measurements and the interpretation of measurement data we can offer services including:

  • Power stability measurements for high/medium voltage power. We use phasor measurement units (PMU) to measure the stability of a system in real time.
  • Smart metering. Research on the reliability and accuracy of static meters.
  • Energy Management Systems (EMS). Evaluating the accuracy of an EMS.
  • Advice on improving power quality in wind farms and solar panels, for example.
  • Eco-design advice. Evaluation of the energy consumption of new and existing electrical equipment.
  • Advice on EMC measurements. Development of and advice on methods for measuring exposure to and risks from radio-frequency and high-frequency radiation.
  • Advice on HF and LF power measurements.

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Electricity calibration services

Accurate and traceable measurements are necessary to demonstrate and guarantee the quality and stability (or reliability) of electrical products and facilities. VSL’s extensive measurement facilities enable us to measure many quantities (power, resistance and current) over wide frequency and measurement ranges. The results are traceable to primary standards.

We calibrate resistors, transformers, coils, transformer power loss measurement devices, electromagnetic fields, electrical lab and other components as well as power and HF measurement equipment, for example. This might involve the billing of electrical energy between buyer and supplier or the substantiation of specifications for newly developed measuring equipment: VSL provides reliable and traceable measurement results with very low measurement uncertainty. Our calibration reports are internationally respected and ensure that the products in question are accepted worldwide.

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