Manufacturers of measuring instruments calibrate meters in their own calibration or test facilities. As an independent and internationally recognised metrology institute, VSL can test and certify the quality of such facilities and determine theirCalibration and Measurement Capability (CMC).
A facility that has this CMC certification from VSL can be trusted to be reliable.

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CMC Certification

The purpose of CMC certification is to achieve the best achievable measurement uncertainty of a (near) ideal measuring instrument under normal conditions. For customers and other stakeholders, this certification demonstrates the reliability of the calibration or testing facility in question. For our certification, we review the technical performance of the facility and check all its vital components:

  • are all the instruments used traceable to internationally accepted standards?
  • are the calibration models (equations) correct?
  • are there procedures in place for maintaining and operating the calibration or testing facility?

A laboratory’s CMC is calculated according to the JCGM 100:2008 “Evaluation of measurement data – Guide to the expression of uncertainty in measurement”.

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Certificate of Calibration and Measurement Capability

After our inspection, the company receives a VSL CMC certificate for their calibration or testing facility. This defines the laboratory’s measurement uncertainty and includes a traceability guide, enabling it to demonstrate that its measurement uncertainty has been proven by an independent metrology institute. The certificate is valid for two years provided that the proper procedures in the manual are followed. Companies are also permitted to display the results of the certified facility’s calibrations with the VSL logo in combination with the words “CMC certified”.

The certificate issued by VSL simply demonstrates that the facility in question is able to operate within the CMC values specified in the certificate. VSL is not responsible for tests or calibrations carried out by that facility or for their results.

Two-yearly audit

Every two years, we conduct a technical audit to verify that the calibration or testing facility is still operating within the specified CMC values. Part of the audit is to witness all activities in the facility in person.

CMC certificated companies

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