Pressure metrology

Pressure is a factor in a vast number of processes. And with more and more processes becoming automated, accurate pressure measurements offer important insights, for example in terms of quality and safety.



Pressure measurements yield important information in many different situations. Aircraft altitude, for example, is determined by measuring air pressure. To ensure safety, aircraft meters need to be traceably calibrated. Pressure also plays an important role in filling glass bottles, where the level of pressure must be safe to prevent explosions.

Proper pressure measurements are also important in a variety of consumer products. For example, bags of potato crisps are filled with nitrogen gas to stop the crisps from crumbling. This is done at a specific pressure to prevent the bags from bursting.

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VSL and pressure

VSL provides a variety of pressure services to clients including the process, health care, oil and gas industries as well as analytical and chemical laboratories. We also provide calibrations to accredited institutes that use pressure balances and pressure gauges.

The primary standard for pressure is a pressure balance consisting of a piston-cylinder combination (PCC) whose effective area is accurately known and directly traceable to Dutch mass, length and time standards. This primary standard is used to determine other effective areas of piston-cylinder combinations, from the lowest to the highest sensitivity (5 kPa/kg to 5 MPa/kg). These measurements are carried out using the cross-float method.


We support and advise manufacturers and end users with regard to questions, enabling them to improve measurement and inspection methods to optimise the quality of their processes and products.

Custom services

Custom pressure metrology

Our in-depth knowledge of measurement and the interpretation of measurement data enables us to provide the following services:

  • Guidance in setting up and accrediting quality systems
  • Guidince with the setup of your calibration laboratory, for example calibrating your pressure balances, etc.
  • Develop a calibration plan of your measurement standards
  • Advice for interpretations of various (measurement) standards
  • Validation of measurement software

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Pressure calibration services

In many production processes, pressure is important for ensuring quality and safety. Particularly now that processes are being increasingly automated, pressure measurements have to be accurate and reliable. VSL calibrates and adjusts pressure measurement devices with low measurement uncertainty. Absolute, relative and differential pressures are possible.

When calibrating equipment, we correct for factors that can affect measurements, such as temperature and gravity. The results of the calibrations performed are traceable to primary and Dutch or internationally recognised measurement standards.

Calibrations for accredited laboratories

Accredited laboratories whose measuring instruments have been calibrated by VSL have solid substantiation of their quality. This is an advantage when working with external buyers, for example.

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