Geometrical metrology

Geometry is a science that studies the sizes, shapes, positions, angles and dimensions of objects. To ensure that everyone measures in a uniform manner, dimensional measurements must be performed to the same standards and accuracy.


Dimensional metrology

VSL’s dimensional metrology department has tools and expertise that we can apply in your company or organisation. We provide the most accurate and traceable measurement results in the Netherlands, which are guaranteed to be independent and reliable.


Dimensional metrology supports the manufacturing industry with reliable measurements that result in better quality control and, ultimately, a lower rejection rate. Our measurement facilities, such as CMM, AFM, laser interferometry for calibration of 3D reference objects, high-accuracy rulers and nano-standards, enable us to be of service to the mechatronics, high-tech and advanced manufacturing sectors.


VSL’s dimensional metrology department participates in European research linked to major social themes, such as health, renewable energy and digitisation. By partnering with international experts, we contribute to the latest developments in dimensional metrology and create even more accurate measuring instruments, such as scatterometry for semicon and flow cytometry for biomedical applications.

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Michel Brakel
Sales Engineer


We support and advise manufacturers and end users with regard to questions, enabling them to improve measurement and inspection methods to optimise the quality of their processes and products.


Custom geometrical metrology

VSL is an independent party with extensive knowledge of and experience in dimensional measurements. We regularly assist with specific requests from manufacturers of precision components, designers of mechatronic systems, and developers at research institutions. Our measurement results are internationally recognised and provide strong substantiation of a product’s performance for customers and other stakeholders.

We are happy to use our knowledge and facilities to find solutions in the following and other areas:

  • Characterisation of displacement platforms and measurement systems. Mapping deviations and comparing them to specifications of newly developed displacement platforms and displacement measurement systems to provide a reliable assessment of performance. This can be in one direction of motion or in all degrees of freedom.
  • High-precision product measurements for purposes such as testing prototypes, quality control on small batches of high-grade components or calibrating internal reference objects.
  • Measurement solutions with nanometre-scale traceability. For the tiniest objects used in the semiconductor industry, nanotechnology and life sciences, VSL uses traceable atomic force microscopy (AFM).
  • Development and validation of measurement solutions. VSL provides this for subsequent quality control and for inline measurements in the production process.
  • Determination of measurement uncertainty and identification of measurement errors. Determining significant measurement results and preparing an uncertainty budget. We also advise on how to improve accuracy and get a better handle on the measurement process.
  • Software validation. We have several datasets for calibrating and validating software for measuring instruments such as coordinate measuring machines (CMMs).
  • Independent opinions in claims and disputes. In claims and disputes, an independent and reliable measurement can provide a definite answer.

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Geometry calibration services

Reliable measurements are important for quality control of incoming and outgoing products. VSL has extensive capabilities for calibrating measuring equipment and accurately measuring objects: length, diameter, shape and angle, in dimensions from tens of metres down to nanometre level and in 1D, 2D or 3D. Our certificates are internationally recognised and guarantee worldwide acceptance of our measurement results.

Calibration of dimensional measurement equipment and standards

Measurement equipment must be calibrated regularly in order to obtain reliable measurement results and prevent deviations. VSL provides the most accurate calibration of dimensional instruments, such as laser interferometers, laser trackers, laser rangefinders, measuring benches, altimeters, autocollimators, and the calibration of dimensional standards, such as rings, pins, end gauges, rulers, surface plates and polygons. Laser interferometers can be calibrated directly against the standard laser, where we include the counting mechanism and compensation system. We are the world leader in measuring the diameter of precision balls (reference balls).

Measuring in the laboratory or on location

For companies in the precision engineering industry, we use the 3D coordinate measuring machine to perform product measurements with the greatest achievable accuracy. We perform measurements both in our laboratory and on location. This means we can accurately measure objects that cannot feasibly be moved.

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