Chemical metrology

Chemical metrology plays a key role in many sectors. The impact of chemical measurements on the quality of food, medicine and fuel, for example, is enormous. As such, accurate and traceable measurements of chemical gas and other compositions are essential.



Accurate measurement of gas and other chemical compositions is important in many different areas, for example environment-related issues and public health. What, for example, is the “normal” air composition and at what point does a gas become harmful to our health? To determine this, both background and emission values must be measured.

To ascertain the quality of natural gas, we determine not only its quantity but also its calorific value (the amount of energy per unit) by precisely analysing its composition. Analysis is also essential to ensure a good product for the development of biofuels.

VSL and chemistry

VSL provides various services for the processing and other industries, public authorities and accredited calibration laboratories as regards traceable measurements and gas compositions. We are also involved in different research projects at European level. Our specialists also participate in standardisation committees. Examples include CEN TC 264 “Air Quality,” ISO TC 158 “Gas Analysis,” and NEN NC 310 408 “Biomethane,” where work is under way to standardise energy gases.

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We support and advise manufacturers and end users with regard to questions, enabling them to improve measurement and inspection methods to optimise the quality of their processes and products.


Custom chemical metrology

The impact of chemical measurements on obtaining high-quality products is significant, particularly in the process industry and the energy sector. Examples of such products include food, pharmaceuticals, solvents, polymers and gaseous or liquid fuels. The products or processes in question can be optimised by using an efficient, automated measurement strategy and validation method.

Our in-depth knowledge of measurement and the interpretation of measurement data enables us to provide the following services:

  • Advice on and construction of gas analysis facilities. This ranges from the design of measurement set-ups and ensuring traceability to the set-up and preparation for accreditation.
  • Development and validation of methods for measuring specific components. This results in a report describing these methods and their validation methodology, including the determination of measurement uncertainty.
  • Advice for accreditations. A measurement system must meet several requirements in order to obtain accreditation. VSL verifies the measurement method and measurement data, optimises traceability and calculates the uncertainty budget.
  • Support for the optimisation and automation of industrial chemical processes in which measurements play a fundamental role in ensuring quality and production efficiency.
  • Development of and advice on measurement methods for the enforcement of government legislation.

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Chemistry calibration services

The careful verification of chemical compositions requires accurate measurement data. Analysis equipment and gas monitors should be calibrated regularly to prevent deviations. VSL calibrates all types of gas analysers. We calibrate against the highest standards (Primary Standard Materials), resulting in minimum measurement uncertainties as well as traceability to SI units.

We have a great deal of knowledge of and experience in carrying out measurements in the field of chemistry. Our calibration certificates are respected and accepted worldwide.

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