About VSL

VSL is the National Metrology Institute of the Netherlands. The Netherlands became a Member State and State Party to the Metre Convention in 1929, which established the International Bureau for Weights and Measures (le Bureau international des poids et mesures (BIPM)) in 1875. VSL has participated in the CIPM Mutual Recognition Arrangement (CIPM MRA) since 1999. This convention regulates the worldwide recognition of Dutch measurement standards and reference materials and the resulting certificates.

About VSL

Our task

VSL manages and develops primary measurement standards and primary reference materials on behalf of the Dutch government. These measurement standards are the foundation for reliable measurements in science, industry, fair trade and other areas. VSL also participates in research projects to develop newer and better measurement methods.

We make measurement results from companies, laboratories and institutes directly traceable to national and international standards. We also calibrate measuring instruments on behalf of customers, produce reference materials, organise interlaboratory comparisons and transfer our metrology knowledge by providing training and consultancy.

Fabienne van Booma
Managing Director

Our expertise

VSL is a globally recognised metrology institute. Our knowledge and services provide a major contribution to the reliability, quality and innovation of products and processes in business and society.

In brief:

  • Globally recognised metrology institute
  • Management and development of national measurement standards and measurement techniques
  • Outstanding expertise and high-tech laboratories
  • The bridge between science and industry

Working with VSL

Working with VSL means working with professionals who excel in their fields. Our services begin with an intake, after which we provide a clear quotation and time schedule. We perform our measurements in close cooperation with the customer.

VSL is a private company with a public mission. Our shareholder is TNO.


Click here for our code of conduct.

Click here for our gender equality plan here in which we describe what we are doing to promote diversity and inclusion within VSL.


Virtual Reality Lab Tour

Through this Virtual Reality Lab Tour you can get acquainted with the VSL laboratories and the facilities that are located here. Discover our different measurement labs with the help of 360ยบ photos. You can rotate the photos automatically or use the arrow keys. You can zoom in with the scroll button of your mouse.