Training courses in Metrology

Developments in technology, legislation and measurement standards fields evolve rapidly. It is important that your employees stay up to date and that new employees understand the essence of measurement and its associated concepts.

VSL’s Metrology College offers a complete package of courses and training sessions in the field of measurement and calibration: from general courses about metrology and traceability to specialised courses for specific fields of expertise. All training courses offer both theory and practice.

Training course overview
Our course overview informs you about the dates, locations and prizes of our training courses.

Customized training courses
It is also possible to arrange (on site) customized courses that are tailored to your specific knowledge requirements. We can also include a knowledge or skill test at the end of the course.

Training by specialists
VSL trainers are specialists in their discipline(s). Many of our trainers participate in international consultations and various standards committees, so they are well informed about, and often themselves contribute to, the latest developments.

Who are these for?
VSL’s Metrology College offers various training programmes in the area of industrial metrology, targeted at the following groups:

  • employees of test and calibration laboratories
  • product developers of industrial measurement equipment
  • calibration and inspection workers in the field
  • quality workers