Reference materials

For the traceable implementation of, for example, chemical analyses, the analysis equipment must be calibrated. This often happens with the help of reference materials. VSL supplies a wide range of reference materials (gas mixtures, viscosity and mineral oils) to users worldwide.

What are reference materials?
Reference materials are materials whose composition is known very accurately. An example could be a specific gas composition that has been analysed to the highest measurement standards. The accuracy of an analysis device can then be established by having this device analyse the reference material. Deviations in the analysis device can thus be identified.

Production of reference materials
VSL has many years’ experience and supplies a wide range of reference materials. Particularly in the field of gas compositions, viscosity and mineral oils, VSL offers high quality and traceability to the primary standards. Customers of VSL include renowned suppliers of special gases, environmental monitoring services and end-users in, for example, the energy and environmental sectors.

Calibration and analysis of reference materials
Here, the quality of the reference materials produced by other gas suppliers is checked.

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NIST Declaration of Equivalence (United States)
VSL has a Memorandum of Cooperation (MoC) and Declaration of Equivalence (DoE) with the American National Institute of Standards (NIST). Both documents are of major importance to our service provision in the field of traceable gas mixtures.

In conformity with the US EPA Clean Air Act, reference gas mixtures that are traceable to NIST must be used for certain measurements. Via the DoE, gas mixtures originating from ‘VSL in The Netherlands’ also comply. VSL is the only metrology institute outside the US with this status. The DoE is renewed biannually.

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