Calibration of Equipment

The quality of products and studies is often heavily dependent on the quality of measurements. In production processes, accurate measurement often have an immediate effect on the percentage of rejections and on safety. In cases where measurement results are linked to payments, such as for CO2 emissions or the transport of oil, the payer does not want to pay too much, nor does the payee want to receive too little. An accurate, traceable measurement forms the basis for this. VSL, as national metrology institute, provides calibrations with the lowest measurement uncertainties and with traceability to the primary standards.

Trust in measurement results
In short, the result of a measurement must be trusted. To allow a measurement to be compared to that done by another, or to that from last year, the measurement must be traceable. The timely and correct calibration of measurement equipment is essential for compliance with these conditions.

International traceability
By having your equipment calibrated by VSL, you compare your measurement equipment directly or indirectly with the primary standards. This ensures that the measurement uncertainty is kept to a minimum and that your measurement equipment is traceable to the national standards. VSL is closely involved with the international metrology infrastructure. Our certificates are widely recognised via the CIPM Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA).

Service and planning
When is it necessary to have your measurement equipment calibrated? We can help you to determine the recalibration period and then arrange timely recalibration. Thanks to careful planning we reduce the loss of valuable time.

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