The VSL Metrology Services

VSL is the Netherlands’ National Metrology Institute and is an internationally authoritative knowledge institute in the field of metrology. As well as the management and development of the national primary measurement standards, VSL provides the following services:

To allow a measurement to be compared, it must be traceable. Timely and correct calibration of measurement equipment is essential for compliance with this condition. VSL provides calibrations with the lowest measurement uncertainties and with traceability to the primary standards.

Reference materials
For the traceable implementation of analyses including chemical ones, the analysis equipment must be calibrated. This often happens with the help of reference materials. VSL supplies a wide range of reference materials (gas mixtures, viscosity and mineral oils).

Interlaboratory comparisons
Laboratories strive for optimum quality of instruments, procedures and measurement capacities. The measurement results are compared anonymously to those of other laboratories via interlaboratory comparisons (benchmarking), and deviations are tracked down.

Consultancy and customer-specific questions
Do you lack the expertise to conduct certain measurements, or to develop a measurement engineering infrastructure? Or do you require the opinion of an expert, independent party? VSL supplies bespoke work for this.

VSL Certification
In order to ensure that your customers have confidence in your calibration facility’s measurement results, you can have it certified. As an independent and internationally-recognised measurement institute, VSL can test the facility’s quality and determine the CMCs.

Training courses
VSL’s Metrology College offers a complete package of courses and training sessions in the field of measurement and calibration: from general courses about metrology and traceability to specialised courses for specific fields of expertise.