First calibration for the European Center for Flow Measurement


First calibration for the European Center for Flow Measurement

A new milestone for the European Center for Flow Measurement: on the 1st of February we took delivery of the first flow meter for calibration in our new water flow installation located on the Maasvlakte in Rotterdam. Delivered personally by Andre Boer, director of KROHNE Netherlands.

The unique installation, that will be opened on March 28th, can perform high pressure liquid calibrations for flow meters up to 24″ with a maximum flow of 2500 m3/h. With this the capacity for flow calibration has increased exponentially: the facility in Dordrecht had a maximum flow of 400m3/h. With this new capacity VSL can facilitate the growing demand for calibrating large flow meters.

Many more meters will follow after the delivery of the first meter today, from national to international meter manufacturers. But also meters already used in the field.

Chief metrologist Erik Smits:

“In the new European Center for Flow Measurement we can calibrate even more accurately, this includes meters with a larger diameter. Furthermore this new and more advanced installation can also calibrate liquid measurement instruments for sustainable and renewable liquids. With this we can make a substantial contribution to the energy transition.”

The new facilitity will have its grand opening on the 28th of March.