EMRP-Projects - Environment


Chemical pollutants in air - project coordinator Annarita Baldan
Develop a method for producing stable reference samples for the calibration of instruments for measuring air quality, new measurement methods to detect volatile, highly reactive gases such as ammonia, and a reliable compact nitrogen dioxide microsensor using the innovative material graphene.

Automotive emissions - project coordinator Hugo Ent
Build expertise in measuring small particle pollutants, particularly PGE (Platinum Group Elements) and mercury, and increase the required accuracy and reliability of measurements to allow future regulations regarding human health and environment to be developed.

Spectral solar UV - project coordinator Omar El Gawhary
Develop new methods and cost effective instruments to bring uncertainty levels for measurements of solar ultraviolet (UV) light down to 2 % to enable detection of changes and to model future trends.

Spectral reference data - project coordinator Stefan Persijn
Develop a European spectroscopy infrastructure that is traceable to  SI units and a database of the spectral line data for improved atmospheric modelling.