EMRP-projects - Energy


Characterization of energy gases - project coordinator Adriaan van der Veen
Enable users of different gaseous fuel types to make informed commercial, environmental and safety decisions based on comparable measurements of the energy content, carbon content, moisture content and physical/chemical properties of the fuels .

Liquefied Natural Gas - project coordinator Oswin Kerkhof
Develop new and improved measurement techniques for Liquefied Natural Gas transfer, to support a more diversified and secure energy supply for Europe, and fair and open trade in natural gas.

Smart Electrical Grids - project coordinator Gert Rietveld
Develop a metrological capability and infrastructure to support successful implementation of a Smart Grid in Europe, enabling low losses, security of electricity supply, grid stability and fair trade between commercial parties using the grid.

Solid-State Lighting - project coordinator Marijn van Veghel
Improve metrology for novel light sources (including optical, thermal, electrical and visual perception measurements) to support a consumer-led market increasing the uptake of these energy efficient light sources and meeting EU targets.

Improved power plant efficiency - project coordinator Gertjan Kok
Improve power plant efficiency through the development of reliable and accurate in-situ temperature, thermophysical and mechanical properties, flow rate measurements and electrical power output of generating plants.

High-voltage DC - project coordinator Ernest Houtzager
Provide metrology support to ensure accurate loss measurement in HVDC stations, and fair trade between commercial parties employing the electricity grid.

Biofuels - project coordinator Annarita Baldan
Develop the metrological capability and infrastructure to determine the physical and chemical characteristics, and the geographical and biological origin, of biofuels to enable compliance with the European Union’s Renewable Energy Directive.