Best Young Researcher Award for VSL colleague Jianrong Li


Last week at the 11th World Bioenergy Congress and Expo (Bioenergy-2018) conference held in Berlin our VSL Dutch Metrology Institute colleague Jianrong Li won the Best Young Researcher Award for her presentation on Biogas and Biomethane. Congratulations Jianrong!

Super accurate standards thanks to VSL robot


After a successful collaboration with Da Vinci Laboratory Solutions for the realization of a new liquid mixture robot in our laboratory, Annarita Baldan and Iris de Krom are interviewed by the chief editor of LabVision.

Join our VOC Programme


VSL has started a special programme to collect client enquiries for 3 types of high accuracy gas mixtures in compressed gas cylinders containing Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) at trace levels.
These gas standards are used for the calibration of equipment in Air Quality monitoring.

Government Laboratory of Hong Kong


Commissioned by the Government Laboratory of Hong Kong, VSL has built high accurate facilities for the gravimetric preparation of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) standards. They enable the chemistry team in Hong Kong to produce traceable liquid and gas reference materials for the calibration of

Why are reactive gases measurements a huge challenge?


In the last decades sensitive analytical techniques have become available for measuring reactive gases in air even at part-per-billions levels. However, less progress has been made in developing materials compatible with those gases.

Sub-millikelvin traceability for water calorimeter


Ionizing radiation is used as treatment in cancer therapy. For the treatment it is necessary to control the exact position and dose of the radiation as a too low dose will not kill all the cancer cells and a too high dose will cause too much damage in healthy tissue.