Internship time series analysis


Time series analysis

The fiscal metering of natural gas is often performed using a flow meter and a gas chromatograph. The flow meter is used to measure the volume (𝑉) of the gas passing the metering station and the gas
chromatograph is used to measure the composition, from which the calorific value (𝐻) is determined. The energy is calculated as  𝐸 = ΣNₜ=1  𝐻ₜVₜ
The uncertainty of the energy delivered (or received) is an important parameter for operating the gas grid, ensuring that suppliers can feed the grid and users can draw gas from the grid. Current  methods to estimate the uncertainty associated to the energy do not take into account temporal correlations among subsequent measurements. The aim of this internship is to validate the proposed  methodology to determine temporal correlations between measurements using time series analysis. Specifically, the following steps will be performed:

  1. Study relevant literature
  2. Generate a synthetic dataset reproducing some of the characteristics typical in volume flow and composition measurements in a gas grid
  3. Validate and improve the proposed methodology on the synthetic dataset
  4. Further analyze the available measurement data


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Lydia de Koning
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Internship term

5-7 months


Hybrid. VSL main office is in Delft.


A monthly allowance of € 615,- (gross) is applicable.

If you are interested and will apply, please send your CV and letter to and/or or .