Sub-nanometer measurement uncertainty with optical interferometry - how hard can it be?

Dirk Voigt,  “Sub-nanometer measurement uncertainty with optical interferometry - how hard can it be?”, Seminar of Imaging Physics Department, Faculty of Applied Sciences, Technical University Delft, 26 January 2015.

VSL is the national metrology institute of the Netherlands. As a public task, the primary Dutch measurement standards are maintained and further developed at VSL, together with facilities for commercially available calibration services and reference materials. From the perspective of the VSL Dimensional Metrology Division, I will discuss the relevance of highest accuracy optical interferometry. Two specific examples from our R&D project lines illustrate the challenge to achieve a sub-nanometer measurement uncertainty for instrumentation calibration tasks under practical conditions. One example is the VSL Picodrift heterodyne displacement interferometer, aiming for dimensional stability measurements of centimeter-sized samples with picometer-level uncertainty in ambient atmospheric conditions. The other example is the application of Fabry-Perot interferometry in a dedicated instrument for the calibration of highest precision capacitive displacement sensors.

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