Smart Grid Power Quality and Stability Measurements in Europe

P.S. Wright, J.P. Braun, G. Rietveld, H.E. van den Brom, and G. Crotti, “Smart Grid Power Quality and Stability Measurements in Europe”, Proceedings of the 2014 Conference on Precision Electromagnetic Measurements (CPEM 2014), Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, pp. 70 – 71 (2014).

A description is given of a new EU funded project on metrology in support of smart electrical grids. This project is a partnership of 14 EU NMIs and two universities. Research themes are described including: i) wide-area power quality (PQ) propagation, ii) Phasor measurement Units (PMU) for distribution networks, iii) network impedance measurements and iv) transducer metrology in support of PMU/PQ.

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