Novel and improved techniques for traceable temperature dissemination

D. Del Campo, J. Bojkovski, M. Dobre, E. Filipe, M. Kalemci, A. Merlone, J. Pearce, A. Peruzzi, F. Sparasci, R. Strnad, D. Taubert and E. Turzó-András, “Novel and improved techniques for traceable temperature dissemination”, High Temperatures High Pressures, Volume 43, Issue 1, p. 1-11 (2014).

In the frame of the European Metrology Research Program (EMRP) a new joint research project focused on the development of new advances techniques for providing improved traceability to the kelvin, to support its wider and simpler dissemination to the users, is being carried out. This project is a challenge in the field of fundamental thermometry that tries to solve some of the pressing weaknesses of the International Temperature Scale of 1990 (ITS-90) and helps establish a practical link between the thermodynamic temperature and the temperature defined by the ITS-90. The main objective is to offer solutions to the most pressing problems associated with high level practical temperature metrology, in the most widely used temperature range, from −218ºC up to 1000ºC. This paper presents a general description of the SIB10 NOTED technical program.

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