Method for determining 50 Hz instrumentation channel errors in power transmission systems from synchrophasor measurements

MedPower conference, Belgrade, Serbia, pp. 1 – 8 (2016)
Vladimir Milojević, SrĎan Čalija, Gert Rietveld and Miloš Ačanski.

It is expected that in high voltage power systems the instrumentation channels provide an output in the form of a wave that will be an exact replica of the high voltage or current signal and scaled by a constant factor adequate for standard instrumentation level. In reality, this is not usually the case due to presence different sources of error. This paper describes a method for remote calibration/verification of the instrumentation channels on terminals of HV transposed/non-transposed TL during their normal operating state using synchrophasor measurements from PMUs. In order implement proposed method, three well characterized reference VTs and two calibrated PMUs on the both terminals of the TL are required. In the case of determination of voltage channel errors, obtained results shows superior performances of this method, while in the case of current channels its application is limited only for worse instrument accuracy class. Based on evaluated performances related to error propagation, proposed method can be applicable for wide area network calibration of voltage instrumentation channels.

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