A Method for De-Embedding Cable Flexure Errors in S-parameter Measurements

Faisal Mubarak and Gert Rietveld, “A Method for De-Embedding Cable Flexure Errors in S-parameter Measurements”,  Proceedings of the 83nd Automatic RF Techniques Group (ARFTG) conference, pp. 1 – 5, Florida, USA (2014).

Errors due to inevitable cable flexure are one of the major error and uncertainty sources in high-precision S-parameter measurements. Recently developed two-port electronic calibration units allow for determination and correction of these errors. A method is presented where such a unit is applied to de-embed cable flexure errors in S-parametermeasurements. In a series of steps, the effects of the cable as well as from the electronic calibration unit itself are determined and subsequently corrected for. First results show that using this method, cable flexure errors can be decreased with a factor of 5 to 10, with the most significant gain at the higher frequencies.

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