Many-wavelength interferometry with thousands of lasers for absolute distance measurement

S.A. van den Berg, G.J.P. Kok, S.T. Persijn, M.G. Zeitouny and N. Bhattacharya, "Many-wavelength interferometry with thousands of lasers for absolute distance measurement", Phys. Rev. Lett.  108, 183901 (2012).

We demonstrate a new technique for absolute distance measurement with a femtosecond frequency comb laser, based on unraveling the output of an interferometer to distinct comb modes with 1 GHz spacing. From the fringe patterns that are captured with a camera, a distance is derived by combining spectral and homodyne interferometry, exploiting about 9000 continuous wave lasers. This results in a measurement accuracy far within an optical fringe (λ/30), combined with a large range of nonambiguity (15 cm). Our technique merges multiwavelength interferometry and spectral interferometry, within a single scheme.

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