International key comparison CCQM-K94: 10 μmol/mol dimethyl sulfide in nitrogen

Metrologia 53 (2016)
S. Lee, G.S. Heo, Y. Kim, S. Oh, Q. Han, H. Wu, L.A. Konopelko, Y.A. Kustikov, A.V. Kolobova, O.V. Efremova, V.V. Pankratov, M.V. Pavlov, L.P. Culleton, A.S. Brown, C. Brookes, J. Li, P.R. Ziel and A.M.H. van der Veen.


Dimethyl sulfide (DMS) is an important compound in monitoring climate change and is monitored by the World Meteorological Organization Global Atmospheric Watch Volatile Organic Compounds (WMO-GAW VOC) program at several monitoring sites. It is essential that measurement results are accurate and consistent among the assigned values for primary gas mixtures to meet the WMO requirement. The purpose of this comparison is to compare the measurement capability of DMS at approximately 10 μ­mol/mol and expectation to contribute the establishment of traceability to single measurement scale for DMS between NMIs.

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