International comparison CCQM-K101: oxygen in nitrogen—a track B comparison and that the matrix contains argon

Metrologia 53 (2016)
Z Zhou, Q Han, D Wang, T Macé, H Kipphardt, M Maiwald, D Tuma, S Uehara, D Akima, T Shimosaka, J Jung, S -H Oh, A van der VeenJ I T van WijkP R Ziel, L Konopelko, M Valkova,David M Mogale, A Botha, P Brewer, A Murugan, M Doval Minnaro, M Miller, F Guenther and M E Kelly.

This key comparison aims to assess the capabilities of the participants to determine the amount-of-substance fraction oxygen in nitrogen. The GAWG has classified this as a track B comparison, due to the unexpected 50 μmol/mol argon mole fraction content of the transfer standards, which effects the achievable performance of some measurement techniques such a GC-TCD. The separation of oxygen and argon is challenging, and not all systems in use are equally well designed for it. As this analytical challenge due to a substantial fraction of argon in the transfer standards became a reality, the Gas Analysis Working Group (GAWG) decided to qualify this key comparison as a regular key comparison and not as a core comparison, which may be used to support calibration and measurement capabilities (CMCs) for oxygen in nitrogen, or for oxygen in nitrogen mixtures containing argon only (see also the section on support to CMCs).

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