A European Roadmap for Thermometry

G. Machin, J. Bojkovski, D. Del Campo, A.K. Dogan, J. Fischer, Y. Hermier, A. Merlone, J. Nielsen, A. Peruzzi, J. Ranostaj and R. Strnad “A European Roadmap for Thermometry”, Int. J. Thermophys., DOI 10.1007/s10765-013-1554-4 (2014).

A technical roadmap for thermometry has been constructed by the EURAMET Technical Committee for Thermometry (TC-T). The roadmap first identified the key triggers that need to be addressed; these included societal grand challenges and the essential scientific metrology to ensure the continued fitness and relevance of the SI unit, the kelvin. In addition, triggers focusing on innovation to support industrial competitiveness such as improvement in product quality and energy efficiency were considered. Clear targets to help address the triggers were formulated; these in turn provide direction to the required temperature measurement research until 2025 and beyond. Although constructed by EURAMET TC-T, the identified societal grand challenges are common within all metrology regions; hence, the roadmap has wider applicability beyond the EURAMET region. A roadmap only ever captures current thinking at the time of formulation, and hence, as with all roadmaps, requires regular revision. For this roadmap this revision will be performed around 2016. This exercise identified that significant research and development were required by the thermometry community if it is to contribute to meet the grand challenges faced by society. The research areas identified here will inform and guide the direction of thermometry research of the national measurement institutes in the EURAMET region over the next decade.

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