Characterizing Cable Flexure Effects in S-parameter Measurements

Faisal Mubarak, Gert Rietveld, Dennis Hoogenboom, and Marco Spirito, “Characterizing Cable Flexure Effects in S-parameter Measurements”, Proceedings of the 82nd Automatic RF Techniques Group (ARFTG) conference, pp. 1 – 7, Ohio, USA (2013).

With the increasing demand for lower uncertainties S-parameter measurements, the accurate evaluation of the effects contributing to the noise and uncertainty of these measurements becomes equally more important. A thorough evaluation of one of these effects is presented in this contribution, namely cable flexure. Monte Carlo simulations are presented to resolve the correlation between different parameters and cable flexure conditions in S-parameter measurements. A subsequent systematic experimental study of different cables quantifies the noise and systematic errors in S-parameter measurements caused by their flexure. The results of the study show that a factor 2 can be gained in uncertainty of e.g. transmission measurements by optimal cable movement and de-embedding of the residual systematic effects.

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