Assessment of drug delivery devices

Batista E, Almeida N, Furtado A, Filipe E, Sousa L, Martins R, Lucas P, Petter HT, Snijder R, Timmerman A, "Assessment of drug delivery devices". Journal of Biomedical Engineering, 60(4), 2015.

For critical drug delivery, it is important to have a constant and well-known infusion rate delivered by the complete infusion set-up (pump, tubing, and accessories). Therefore, various drug delivery devices and accessories were tested in this article in terms of their infusion accuracy, start-up delay, response time, and dependency on the viscosity. These measurements were performed as part of the European funded research project MeDD. The obtained results show that the infusion accuracy of the devices is flow rate and accessory depended, especially for low flow rates. Viscosity does not have a significant impact on the flow rate accuracy.

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