Application of PMUs for Monitoring a 50 kV Distribution Grid

Gert Rietveld, Arjen Jongepier, Joeri van Seters, Marco Visser, Pei Liu, Milos Acanski, Dennis Hoogenboom, and Helko E. van den Brom, “Application of PMUs for Monitoring a 50 kV Distribution Grid”, Proceedings of the 23rd International Conference on Electricity Distribution (CIRED 2015), Lyon, France, Paper 1046, 15-18 June 2015.

The strong variability of energy produced by renewable energy sources is challenging the stability of distribution grids. This calls for improvement of the grid monitoring and control infrastructure with faster and more accurate measurement equipment. In a joint effort of the Delta Network Group (DNWG) and VSL, the national metrology institute of the Netherlands, a project is started for monitoring a heavily loaded 50 kV ring of the DNWG network with phasor measurement units (PMUs). A set of six PMUs is installed in five substations of the ring with the aim to gain more insight in the grid behaviour, especially in dynamic events caused by the large amount of RES connected to the 50 kV ring. Before installation, the PMUs have been tested in order to verify their ability to measure the small phase angle differences occurring in the distribution grid. The main initial PMU applications will be the detection of oscillations and other dynamic events in the DNWG 50 kV grid, and the monitoring of power flows and power/voltage stability. The first measurement results are expected to become available in early 2015.

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