Analysis of the Propagation of Power Quality Phenomena using Wide-Area Measurements

Vladimir Cuk, Helko van den Brom, Sjef Cobben, and Gert Rietveld, “Analysis of the Propagation of Power Quality Phenomena using Wide-Area Measurements”, Proceedings of the 23rd International Conference on Electricity Distribution (CIRED 2015), Lyon, France, Paper 0663, 15-18 June 2015.

The propagation of Power Quality (PQ) phenomena through distribution networks is dependent on a number of parameters, including the characteristics of the disturbance source, impedances and configuration of the network and behaviour of loads and generators in the analysed area. Due to the large numbers of network users, estimation of disturbance levels in the network includes a large number of uncertainties. This paper proposes a method for analysing the propagation of PQ phenomena through the distribution network based on wide-area field measurements. In the future, the method will be used to analyse the data obtained from Live-Lab - the permanent field experiment of the Dutch DSO Alliander. The analysis takes into account the state of the network, loading of substations and measurement uncertainty.

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