Accurate High-Current DC Current Ratio Measurements

Gert Rietveld, Jan van der Beek, and Ernest Houtzager, “Accurate High-Current DC Current Ratio Measurements”, Proceedings of the 2014 Conference on Precision Electromagnetic Measurements (CPEM 2014), Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, pp. 610 – 611 (2014).

A setup has been developed for the accurate calibration of DC current ratios for DC currents up to 600 A. The setup is based on a DC current comparator and suitable for the calibration of DC current ratio measurement devices up to 100 A primary current. For higher primary currents, multiple turns of the primary conductor are made through the device under test. It has been verified that for well-designed devices this adds less than 1 part in 106 to the measurement uncertainty. A preliminary evaluation indicates that the total uncertainty of the setup is better than 5 parts in 106 in current ratio for primary currents up to 600 A.

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