AC-DC calibrations with a pulse-driven AC Josephson voltage standard operated in a small cryostat

CPEM 2016 Conference Digest, Ottawa, Canada, July 2016, DOI 10.1109/CPEM.2016.7540605
Helko E. van den Brom
, Oliver F.O. Kieler, Stephan Bauer, and Ernest Houtzager.

AC–DC measurements have been performed on a commercial thermal transfer standard (TTS) using a pulse-driven ac Josephson voltage standard with a small cryostat enabling shorter voltage leads. A 20 mV RMS output voltage was chosen, close to the maximum value that can be obtained without low-frequency compensation (at a sigma-delta code amplitude of about 10 %) and close to the upper limit of the TTS in its 22 mV range. The measured deviation at higher frequencies, which is due to the length of the voltage leads, was an order of magnitude smaller than was observed before with a normal cryostat. The observed square dependence on the signal frequency and cable length follows exactly the expected behavior. All results agree well with the calibrations performed using a micropot reference system. Furthermore, the influence of other cables and equipment was investigated. The measurement results can be quantitatively understood both in terms of a lumped circuit description and in terms of reflected waves.

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