VSLs dynamic VOC gas mixture preparation in Thailand


To obtain trace level concentrations for reactive components, the preparation of dynamic gaseous reference materials becomes more and more important. For example, dynamic methods are used to prepare in-situ calibration gas mixtures containing various low fractions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Such gas mixtures can be used for calibration of gas analysers and preparation of transfer standards for ambient or indoor air quality measurements. 

Dynamic VOC gas mixture preparation methods at VSL have been developed for over two decades. Considering our proven capabilities in various Key comparisons (e.g. K22) the National Institute of Metrology in Thailand (NIMT) asked VSL to manufacture a dynamic VOC gas mixture system. To comply with environmental regulation in Thailand and to measure pollutants in air accurately, there is need for VOC standards.

The project started in 2018 with the manufacturing of the system by the VSLs engineers. The system was fully set-up in the VSL laboratory for testing and validation against our own facilities. The validation proved the dynamic VOC gas mixture generation facility for NIMT to be suitable for the accurate preparation of dynamic VOC gas mixtures in air or nitrogen. The next step was to disassemble the facilities and send the equipment to NIMT. In December 2018 our colleagues Dita Heikens and Iris de Krom visited NIMT for the installation of the gas facility in their laboratories. After the successfully installation Dita Heikens visited NIMT once more in March 2019 for a training on dynamic VOC gas mixture preparation. 

We wish the colleges from NIMT all the best with the preparation of dynamic VOC gas standards.

Iris de Krom (VSL, (l)), Dita Heikens (VSL, (m)) and Ratirat Sinweeruthai (NIMT, (r)) after the installation of the new facility in Thailand.