Advances in metrology for energy-containing gases and emerging demands


The Gas Analysis group of VSL has worked hard the past decades on facilitating accurate measurements of gas compositions. VSL provides various services to support traceable measurements and gas compositions for (the process) industry, government bodies and accredited calibration laboratories. Also, VSL works in a European context on different research projects. If you would like to know more about our results, please see our recently published overview article mentioned below.

Why good measurements?
Accurate measurement of chemical (gas) compositions is important in many areas of society, including trade, health, manufacturing and environment. Conventional as well as renewable energy gases are traded on the basis of energy, which requires measuring gas quantity and the energy content. To enable determining the quality of these gases, accurate gas composition measurement is needed to calculate the calorific value. Also, the analysis of trace components in energy gases is important, as their concentration levels should meet applicable requirements to ensure compatibility with the gas transmission and distribution infrastructure.

Just published:
An article in Metrologia titled "Advances in metrology for energy-containing gases and emerging demands" has just been published by the Gas Analysis group of VSL: The paper revisits the achievements in the past decades reading gas composition measurements and the current challenges in gas analysis regarding the energy transition towards renewable energy gases. If you would like to know more about our work, please see our poster. The poster was presented during the CCQM workshop on advances in metrology in chemistry and biology (April 2019).

All our colleagues of the gas analysis group of VSL have contributed, nice to see such an overview! We hope you enjoy reading the achievements of this group.

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