Emissions and odours from materials 2019


During the 14th edition of the “Emissions and odours from materials 2019” Certech (October 8, 2019, Brussels, Belgium) Iris de Krom will present research results regarding CRMs for (semi-)VOCs in sorbent tubes For more information about the conference visit: https://pacaryt.wixsite.com/certech2019.

EN 16516 sets the test method and requirements for the determination of emissions of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) from building materials into indoor air. To address the quality control requirements for the class of semi-VOCs (SVOCs), VSL developed gaseous reference materials. A novel home-made dynamic gas mixture preparation system, operating according to ISO 6145-4 (continuous injection method), has recently been developed and validated. Thanks to the stable temperature control up to 100 oC, the system can prevent condensation of the SVOCs in air at indoor air levels in the low ppm range and ppb range. The in-situ obtained SVOC gas standards can be sampled in sorbent tubes to obtain SVOC transfer standards. A study was performed to determine the optimal sorbent material and storage conditions. This study will be presented together with the results of the 2018 Round Robin test for emission test chamber measurements organised by BAM. Using the novel system, VSL prepared transfer standards with known amounts of VOCs and SVOCs for participants to evaluate their analytical performance.