EMRP-Projecten - SI-Systeem

VSL neemt deel aan de volgende projecten binnen het speerpunt SI-Systeem (informatie in het Engels)

Optical telecommunication networks - projectcoordinator Erik Dierikx
Investigation of new techniques for phase-coherent comparison of remotely located optical clocks, separated by distances of up to 1500 km. The vision behind this project is to lay the foundations for a novel approach to disseminate high-precision timing and ultrastable frequency signals in a wide range of science and technology applications by using existing fiber infrastructure.

Traceability of sub-nm length measurements - projectcoordinator Arthur van de Nes
Enable traceable measurements in the sub-nm range for optical interferometers as well as improved capacitive sensors.

Temperature dissemination - projectcoordinator Andrea Peruzzi
Development of new advanced techniques for providing improved traceability to the Kelvin to support its wider and simpler dissemination to the users.

Sampled electrical measurements - projectcoordinator Helko van den Brom
Direct and efficient traceability to the SI volt for analogue-to-digital (ADC) and digital-to-analogue converters (DAC) operating in the frequency range from DC to 10 MHz. These procedures comprise the investigation and measurement of arbitrary waveform signals.

Long distance surveying - projectcoordinator Steven van den Berg
A consortium of metrologists, surveyors and geodesists responds to the urgent need for improvement in long distance metrology, targeting for improved traceability and reduced uncertainty in surveying, geodesy and earth sciences.

High-frequency circuits - projectcoordinator Faisal Mubarak
Develop metrological capability for traceable S-parameter measurements in coaxial line systems up to 110 GHz and waveguide system up to 1100 GHz.

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