EMRP-projecten - Industrie

VSL neemt deel aan de volgende projecten binnen het speerpunt Industrie (informatie in het Engels):

High temperature - projectleider Steven van den Berg
Development of a range of measurement methods, accurate at high temperatures, to enable more efficient operation of industrial processes, reduced energy use and lower greenhouse gas emissions.

Thin films - projectleider Omar el Gawhary
Improve the nanoscale measurements needed for developing thin film technologies, thereby improving our understanding of film properties and reducing material and energy costs. This should increase the uptake of the novel and beneficial applications of thin films - with European industry taking the lead.

Optical and tactile metrology - projectleider Rob Bergmans
Measurement of the full 3D form of optical curved surfaces is important for characterising surfaces used in the optics and precision engineering industries as well as in astronomy and science. Currently, two types of measurements are used; imaging or single point scanning – both of which have advantages and disadvantages that limit manufacturing capability. This project will create standards and perform comparisons so that reliable characterisation of a full 3D free-form surface will be possible.

Dimensional drift - projectleider Arthur van de Nes
Perform thermal modeling on a prototype measurement device in order to explore how devices can be improved to increase their stability over time and with changes in temperature, which improves the reliability and performance of systems and means that current state of the art measurement equipment needs regular recalibration.

Ultrafast electronics - projectleider Faisal Mubarak
High-speed communications develop rapidly, but as more and more commercial communications and sensing systems go online, the frequencies available for use need to be increased - to levels above 77 GHz which were previously only used for research purposes. These higher frequencies need to be accurately measured in order to use the additional bandwidth efficiently, but currently it is difficult to measure signal characteristics such as phase and amplitude at these levels accurately. The project will provide solutions to the high frequency signal measurement challenges. The results could make or break the next generation of communication technologies in Europe.

Small structures - projectleider Arthur van de Nes
Develop a scatterometry reference standard, also suitable for testing AFM and SEM devices that will add traceability to scatterometric measurements and make them comparable to microscopic methods.

Multisensor metrology - projectleider Rob Bergmans
Development of metrological tools for the 3D measurement of the geometrical features of microparts in a complete, highly accurate and traceable way, and to strengthen the dissemination of these tools to industrial applications. For this, new multi-sensor coordinate measurement techniques covering tactile and optical sensors, and CT, will be applied. Significantly, reduced measurement uncertainties in the sub-micrometre range are targeted.

Improved EMC test methods - projectleider Dongsheng Zhao
Establish extensive correlation between the existing alternative methods used in industry and the standard test methods together with the uncertainty calculations. Develop new alternative test methods in accordance with the needs of industry for EMC tests.

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