A comprehensive software suite for fast and accurate VNA measurements

Vector Network Analysers are the leading measurement instruments in any high-end RF laboratory. The VNA is considered industries primary tool to calibrate the RF performance of electrical devices and materials in terms of network scattering parameters (S-parameters). VSL has developed a comprehensive validated software suite, that seamlessly integrates with your VNA, as an add-on to your measurement set-up. The procedure of acquiring, processing, and analysing your VNA data has never been more straightforward.

In a nutshell

Save time and money 

By reducing the time to calibrate your clients’ instruments

Improve quality

By reducing the chance of human errors 

Compliance to regulations

By using validated software


Next-generation VNA software
Technological advancements have resulted in the development of next-generation VNAs with measurement capabilities far beyond those of their predecessors. Besides the availability of these state-of-the-art VNAs, much improvement has been achieved in the fabrication and traceable characterization of calibration kits, as well as sophisticated uncertainty calculation techniques. 


These advancements enable precise quantification of total measurement accuracy in S-parameters measurements. However, the new and improved calibration, verification, and uncertainty calculation techniques rely on an extensive amount of data processing, a task not suitable for conventional uncertainty calculation tools. To support our customers with metrology services, VSL offers a comprehensive VNA S-parameter calibration software suite, FAME, to enable high-precision VNA measurements.



    A modular approach
    VSL’s comprehensive software suite FAME has been built upon a modular approach to maximize the improvements on your VNA measurements. The software includes the following modules:

    • Data acquisition | fully automate programable measurement sequences

    • Data viewer | easily visualize large datasets for metrological evaluation 

    • Calibration | supports a wide range of calibration techniques, such as SOL, SOLT and SOLR

    • Uncertainty quantification | supports GUM compliant state-of-the-art uncertainty propagation and calculation, improving the quality of your measurement results 

    • Measurement reporting | easily select all relevant calibration data and transfer this to a detailed measurement report with just a click of a button



    Key features & specifications 

    • Unique and comprehensive software suite, vendor independent and compatible with almost any VNA1, independent of type and make, supporting a wide variety of measurements, such as connectorized, on-wafer or material characterization

    • Instant visualization of your S-parameter data including its corresponding measurement uncertainties

    • The software suite enables you to fully characterize your VNA measurement setup

    • A complete history trail that records previous settings and events in a measurement log file, required for your ISO 17025 accreditation

    • Compliant with EURAMET’s Guideline on the Evaluation of Vector Network Analysers Calibration Guide No. 12 Version 3.0 (03/2018)



    • Reduce the number of errors, with automated data acquisition, and improve the quality of your measurement results with direct feedback on the status of your calibration data

    • A user-friendly way to navigate and manage large data sets enables users to focus on metrology instead of complex data processing

    • The modular approach allows all users to easily extend measurement capability beyond the conventional VNA measurements, e.g. automated characterization of uncertainty sources

    • Exploit full potential of your VNA hardware

    • Reduce measurement time with automated data processing, direct data calibration and uncertainty quantification


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    With S-parameter measurement uncertainties reaching accuracy limits far beyond those previously achieved, uncertainty evaluation methods need to be advanced as well. Please contact us when you have any queries, or when you would like to get a demonstration of the software. 


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    That supports digital control. Please contact VSL to check whether your VNA is compatible.