Software validation for measurement instruments

For very accurate measuring instruments it is not only important to calibrate the device  itself, but also to calibrate its software. VSL is the first organization in the Netherlands to offer software validation for measuring instruments, such as coordinate measuring machines (CMMs). We can provide multiple reference datasets to  validate the software of your CMM with high accuracy, or test your software in-house at VSL.

Our datasets
VSL offers several datasets to validate parts of your software code or to validate specific algorithms. It is also possible to check and validate a larger share of your software code.

After verification of your software or CMM by VSL, we supply an original VSL certificate noting the accuracy and reliability of your product(s). This certificate can also be used as a part of your company’s ISO 17025 accreditation.

Why validate the software?
There are two common types of uncertainties and deviations in measurements caused by measuring software. First, the software has an inherent uncertainty, caused for example by rounding off numbers during calculations in the measuring process. Second, there’s always the possibility of errors in the code of the measuring software, causing measurement results to deviate.

When you are performing very accurate measurements it is essential to have a proper insight in the uncertainties of your measurements. Without this,  it is impossible to be sure about the reliability of your measurement results. Therefore, it is important not only to validate the machine itself, but also to validate and create traceability for the software, so you are able to estimate the uncertainties in your measurements as accurately as possible.

Free datasets
Free datasets can be downloaded below. For other datasets or more information, please contact Jacob Jan de Boer (Customized Applied Metrology, +31 15 2691718 or