Interlaboratory comparisons

Laboratories strive for optimum quality of instruments, procedures and measurement capacities. Audits are held regularly to ensure consistent quality. However, systematic deviations that arise are not detected by these audits. Different accreditations and ISO/IEC 17025 therefore demand participation in what are known as Proficiency Tests (PT schemes), in which the measurement results are compared anonymously to those from other laboratories (benchmarking) and deviations are tracked down.

VSL is an officially recognised organiser (ISO/IEC 17043) of interlaboratory comparisons with over 30 years’ experience. VSL organises interlaboratory comparisons in the form of Proficiency Tests.

About Proficiency Testing
During a Proficiency Test, the same measurements and data analyses are conducted by all participating laboratories. The results are compared and the participants receive their own data, so that they can compare their results anonymously with those from other laboratories. The data are handled confidentially and are only made available to the laboratory itself.

Participation in these PT schemes is an essential investment in dependability, operational security and trust in one’s own abilities. Moreover, the requirements for accreditation and ISO/IEC 17025 are fulfilled in this way. Laboratories that consider quality to be of paramount importance attach great value to participation in PT schemes because:

  • It enables them to have their performance independently verified and confirmed.
  • It makes a valuable contribution to the strategic marketing decisions of their laboratory, as it indicates the performance of the laboratory when compared to other laboratories.

VSL as link in a worldwide network
VSL itself also participates in what are called key comparisons (interlaboratory comparisons) with national measurement institutes worldwide. Read more...

Contact and participation
The programmes for PT schemes are conducted in different fields. From pressure, mass and viscosity to temperature, electricity and length. You can refer to the planned PT schemes and register for them in the overview below.

Other ranges, artefacts and technologies are set up in response to demands from the market. Do you require another type of proficiency testing? Please let us know!

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