Mineral Oil Standard

Mineral oil is an important parameter for the characterization of water, soil and waste, as well as animal feed. For characterization a reliable standard is indispensable.

The reference materials prepared by VSL are a blend of Shell gas oil and Shell Basis oil and contain C10 to C40, no volatile components below C10 and no additives. The oil standards are available in 5 ml glass ampoules. Before filling the ampoules, the air was purged by nitrogen gas such that the possibility of oxidation is negligible.

The mineral oil calibration standard may be applied for chemical analyses according to:

  • EN-ISO 9377-2 “Water quality – Determination of hydrocarbon oil index – Part 2: Method using solvent extraction and gas chromatography”
  • ISO 16703 “Soil quality – Determination of content of hydrocarbon in the range C10 to C40 by gas chromatography”
  • EN 14039  “Characterization of waste – Determination of hydrocarbon content in the range of C10 to C40 by gas chromatography

Mineral Oil Safety Data sheet