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Always wanted to know how your instruments and equipment perform under cryogenic conditions?

VSL, the National Metrology Institute of the Netherlands, has commissioned and launched the world’s first LNG Calibration and Test Facility, situated at the Maasvlakte in the Rotterdam harbor area. 

This unique facility was developed in an extensive research and development collaboration with many international partners and supported by Euramet (the European Association of National Metrology Institutes). The purpose of the LNG Calibration and Test Facility is to provide real-life experimental field-scale data for flow and composition at cryogenic conditions, to enable calibrations at cryogenic conditions and to experimentally support assessments of measurement instrumentation. LNG is pumped around in a loop, in which flow meters and composition determination can be tested and calibrated. 

As of October 2020, the LNG Calibration and Test Facility is ready to operate on Liquid Natural Gas (LNG). A calibration with LNG guarantees that the reading of your instruments is within the claimed instrument accuracy, tolerance in a custody transfer contract or maximum permissible error (MPE) when measuring LNG. Your flow meter, including the auxiliary instruments, are your cash register for sold and or purchased amounts of fluid or energy for your company. Calibrating with the correct fluid and under operating conditions reduces the risk of a systematic error and a possible flow of money out of your pocket.
Therefore, make your LNG or other cryogenic measurements ‘Beyond all doubt.’

VSL is operating the world’s 1st LNG calibration and test facility with LNG as test liquid under cryogenic conditions. 

VSL’s calibration and testing services include the following:

Flow meter calibration
All type of flow meters can be tested and calibrated on the LNG calibration and test facility if the flow meter works under cryogenic conditions.
The LNG calibration and test facility has the following specifications for flow meter calibration and testing:

Flow meter size

25 to 150 mm (1 to 6”)

Flow rate

8 to 150 m³/h


3500 to 68500 kg/h


-175 to -155 °C


 2 to 7 bar(g)

Density LNG

430 to 460 kg/m³

  • The LNG calibration facility is traceable to SI units of measurement;
  • The temperature and pressure can be set to your wishes where possible (limitations are in place);
  • Flow meters and other equipment for calibration can only be accepted on location if they have all the necessary certificates and approvals to work in an ATEX zone 2 location (no exceptions);
  • A calibration certificate is made for a calibration or a test report for a test and an optional traceability report with specific information from the LNG calibration facility can be provided;
  • Measurement results converted to USC units of measurement on request;
  • Option for calibration and tests to be witnessed;
  • Potential to test with liquid nitrogen (LiN) during certain times of the year (contact VSL for possibilities).


Testing, validation and calibration of equipment from sampling systems

Instruments and equipment from sample systems can be tested, validated and calibrated (e.g. samplers, vaporizers and gas chromatographs). A special connection is present to place a sample probe directly in the main flow pipe of the LNG calibration and test facility.

Gas chromatographs can be calibrated and evaluated according to international standard ISO 10723:2012 ‘Natural gas - Performance evaluation for analytical systems’.

  • At this moment in time VSL is finalizing this part of the system. VSL will inform you soon about the sampling capabilities at the LNG calibration and test facility. Contact VSL when you are interested, and you will be one of the first who will be testing at our site.

Testing of other (LNG) instruments and equipment

New and/or existing equipment that needs to be tested, often times it can’t be done in the application it normally works in, due to down time or other constraints. The LNG calibration and test facility can be an option to do the testing without any of these constraints.

Meter verification, validation and uncertainty evaluation at the location of your application

VSL has a lot of experience in the field of analyzing systems to ensure the correct measurements are made. Do you know the influence of your piping and configurations, insulated or non-insulated etc.

VSL can help you with the following items on your site but not limited to these:

  • Calibrating gas chromatographs according ISO 10723:2012;
  • Metrological design review of a metering system (for all fluids, not only LNG);
  • Validation and measurement uncertainty evaluation;
  • ...Missing something? Call or mail us. 

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