Financial risks in dynamic LNG Measurement


Do all Coriolis mass flow meters underread in LNG operations? Does this result in a business risk for your company? With the prices at an all-time high something to think about or not! 

In the first year of operation of VSL’s LNG flow meter calibration facility, many flow meters have been calibrated. This fully traceable and validated facility to SI units of measurement can prove the errors of flow meters when operated in LNG. This facility is the only one of its kind in the world. In a presentation Erik Smits gave during the Global LNG Bunkering Experience (GLBE) on March 9th, 2021, he talked about the facility and the results of the calibrations. Erik focused on the bunkering of LNG and presented that all Coriolis mass flow meters showed negative errors resulting in an underreading of the measurement systems, especially when the Coriolis mass flow meters are used without insulation. Can the underreading be predicted? With the prices as high as they are, a near perfect water calibration might result in losing a lot of money for your company. Find the recording of the presentation:

Please note: Since March 2019, LNG prices have increased from €600 to €900 per metric tons. This makes the impact of the underreading even bigger than shown in the presentation.