VSL is a recognized training company


On August 12 a new milestone was reached for VSL's LNG calibration facility.

On this date, VSL is recognized as an SBB training company for the professions ‘Operational technician’ and ‘All-round operational technician’. For VSL, it is important to transfer its metrological knowledge, operational experiences and way of thinking and to train a young generation. “To measure is to know” is a common phrase, but do we know what we measure? Do we know the boundary conditions and the influence on the measurement? Very important! Especially if we want to compare “apples with apples” and you have to take very accurate measurements, for example, under ambient conditions in a tube, where the temperature is -165 ° C. VSL would like to share this knowledge with the younger generation, so that we are constantly getting better in “knowing what we measure”. The recognition as a training company will make a major contribution to this.