VSL measured and calibrated the ‘Urban Sun’of Studio Roosegaarde


Daan Roosegaarde and his team of designers, external experts, and scientists challenged

themselves to discover how the power of light can be used to combat viruses and therefore

enhance our well-being. Inspired by the light of the sun, and backed by scientific research that proves a new, specific light can safely clean up to 99.9% of the coronavirus, Studio Roosegaarde launched the world’s first Urban Sun. The Urban Sun’s far-UVC light source is measured and calibrated by VSL, the National Metrology Institute of The Netherlands.

Jacob Jan de Boer, Key Account manager at VSL: “We are very proud to have contributed to this project, that is created as a symbol of hope in these challenging COVID-19 times.”

Research shows that though traditional 254nm UV light is harmful, far-UVC light with a wavelength of 222 nanometers can actually sanitize viruses safely. Urban Sun shines a large circle of this far-UVC light into public spaces, cleaning those spaces of the coronavirus. It acts as an additional layer of protection to current government rules. Urban Sun aims to inspire hope. It combats the negative impact of social isolation by aiming to improve cultural gatherings, sporting events, public squares, and schoolyards. Daan Roosegaarde: “Suddenly our world is filled with plastic barriers and distance stickers, our family reduced to pixels on a computer screen. Let’s be the architects of our new normal and create better places to meet and interact.”

For more information visit https://www.studioroosegaarde.net/project/urban-sun

(Images: Daan Roosegaarde, www.studioroosegaarde.net)